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A Whole New World of Rewards for Disney Fans

Originally published on Credit Karma.

You no longer have to wish upon a star to have Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell or even Yoda on your credit card.

Disney offers two rewards credit cards through Chase that offer all kinds of Disney-related perks: Disney® Premier Visa® Card and Disney® Visa® Card. From fun Disney and Star Wars card art to the chance to earn Disney Rewards Dollars that you can use toward Disney products or vacations, these cards are perfect for fueling your Disney fanatic side.

Disney® Premier Visa® Card takes the perks one step further by offering a more generous rewards program and introductory bonus. These add-ons come with a $49 annual fee, while Disney® Visa® Card charges no annual fee, but we still think Disney® Premier Visa® Card is the clear winner between the two.

Let’s compare the cards side-by-side to find out why.

See Credit Karma page for side-by-side comparison.

The winner: Why we prefer Disney® Premier Visa® Card

Both cards offer great Disney benefits, but Disney® Premier Visa® Card gives a little bit extra. Yes, that “extra” come with a $49 annual fee, but you can more than offset the cost if you expect to use your card for everyday purchases or plan to use the card to pay for an upcoming flight.

Extra rewards

Disney® Premier Visa® Card lets you earn 1 percent in Disney Rewards Dollars on your everyday purchases and 2 percent at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations. Those locations include Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney Cruise Line and more.

With Disney® Visa® Card, you only earn 1 percent on all purchases.

Option to redeem points toward flights

With the Disney® Premier Visa® Card, you can even redeem Disney Rewards Dollars toward flights. There are no airline limitations or blackout days. Just pay for a flight using your Disney® Premier Visa® Card, then redeem your Disney Rewards Dollars for a statement credit toward your ticket purchase. (Just make sure you redeem them within 60 days of purchasing your ticket.)

This flight perk means you could use your Disney® Premier Visa® Card to book a roundtrip flight to a Disney resort, enjoy card benefits while you’re there, earn more Disney Rewards Dollars while you’re at it, then fly home and partially cover your flight by redeeming your Disney Rewards Dollars.

Note that with either card, once you rack up your Disney Rewards Dollars, you can use them toward Disney and Star Wars toys and movies at Disney Store or other Disney locations. You can also request a Disney Rewards Redemption Card once you collect 20 Disney Rewards Dollars. However, it’s only with Disney® Premier Visa® Card that you can redeem points for statement credit toward flights.

As a bonus, there are no limits on the number of Disney Rewards Dollars you can earn with both cards, so you have unlimited opportunity to save up for a big Disney trip or purchase.

Special events and discounts

The following special discounts and events are available to cardholders of either Disney card.

As a card member, you have access to exclusive events at Disney Store and VIP packages when you buy premium tickets to Aladdin or The Lion King on Broadway.

You get 10 percent off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store and, and at select locations at Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney’s Beach Resort Destinations and the Aulani Resort in Oahu, Hawaii.

You and six guests can also enjoy one Disney Character Experience per day at private cardholder locations at Disney parks. Plus, you can enjoy 10 percent off select dining locations most days at Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts.

Cool card designs

Both Disney credit cards offer card art that will be the envy of your Disney-loving friends. You can choose from 10 different designs, including the Magic Kingdom, Sorcerer Mickey and Elsa. There are cards with Yoda and Darth Vader for Star Wars fans, too.

Generous introductory bonus

We’ve gone over all of the Disney perks, but this card is more than just a rewards card for Disney purchases. You also earn a $200 statement credit when you spend $500 on purchases with Disney® Premier Visa® Card in the first three months from account opening.

With the Disney® Visa® Card, you only get a $50 statement after your first purchase.

Counterpoint: Why you might want the Disney® Visa® Card instead

Disney® Visa® Card offers many of the same benefits as the premier card, but without an annual fee.

You still get the choice of 10 card designs, the prestige of a Disney card and the chance to earn 1 percent in Disney Rewards Dollars on all purchases. But you miss out on Disney® Premier Visa® Card’s added perks.

When is Disney® Visa® Card a better bet? If you don’t plan to use it much.

Maybe you already have other cards and see the Disney card as a cool addition to your wallet, but not one you expect you’ll use that often. In that case, a card without an annual fee could be a better choice.

This card might also be a wise move if you’re interested in the Disney discounts and special events, but don’t care as much about the rewards program. This card earns 1 percent in Disney Rewards Dollars across all purchases, so you may not collect rewards as quickly. The premier card rewards can add up more rapidly, but that won’t matter if you’re not interested in the perks unique to Disney® Premier Visa® Card.

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